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An Hoa Traditional Embroidery Village - Since 1885
with a 300 - year old giand banyan tree

History of An Hoa - Famous
Traditional Embroidery Village in Vietnam:
An Hoa is an ancient village of the Red River Delta in Viet Nam which is very well-know for its traditinal embroidery . The embroidery by hand has been invented and developed in this village since 1885. By now, An Hoa is the unique village in Nam Ha province where 100-year- know-how of traditional embroidery by hand is still reserved and brilliantly developed. An Hoa village has currently more than 1,100 embroidering workers, many of them are craftsmen . Besides, thousands of people nearby are working hard to produce fine art embroidery works for this village. To date, An Hoa's sophisticated embroidery products have been exported to many countries and win the sympathy of the ever keen customers in the world. An Hoa is situated on the 1A Highway, about 60 km to the South of Hanoi Capital. It takes you only 1 hour to get there by car.

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